How Much Calories Should You Burn Every Day?

Posted by on Apr 30, 2018 in Lose Weight

We have many readers sending me queries to ask the amount of calories they should burn every day. Here is my answer to this question with what I have personally experienced and researched.

How Much Calories Should I Burn Every Day?

It depends on your weight loss goals. Meaning to say, how fast you wish to see your results. It varies as different people have different aims. Some like to lose 10 kg in just a few weeks, while some like to go slow i.e. a few kg within 10 weeks.

When it comes to weight losing, we always emphasize on calorie deficit. Calorie deficit is the negative number we achieve, when we compare the amount of calories we eat, versus the amount we burn. Example: If we eat 1,500 calories & burn 2,000 calories, we have achieved a deficit of 500. This would involve maintaining a diet journal & doing calorie counting every day. See below.

*Tip – I recommend boosting of our body metabolism to burn calories efficiently. Read here to find out how.

Does Burning More Calories Mean Losing Weight Effectively?

The answer is No. You can see people exercising heavily but still seeing no results. You need to lower your daily calorie intake. To achieve this, you need to obey 2 simple rules: eat the right food and eat moderately or lesser than usual. If you are still eating the same like before, you cannot possible see much weight changes.

In summary, always remember to manage your daily calorie deficit, not your daily calories burnt.

In general, the rule of thumb is, with an approximate calorie deficit 300 – 400 per day, you should start to see results in a few weeks time. If you wish to see results fast, a deficit of 600 – 800 will be ideal though not recommended. *Visit a doctor to assess your body condition prior to this this.

Disclaimer (30 April 2018): My website contents are written for your reference only. They do not represent any health, fitness nor medical advice. You should visit a health or fitness specialist or medical doctor for professional help.

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Places In Singapore You Can Find Healthy & Affordable Superfoods – Part 2 : QQ Rice Oat Rice Bento Set

Posted by on Apr 26, 2018 in SuperFood Hunting Series

In Part 2 of my superfood hunting series, I would like to recommend Oat Rice Bento Set from QQ Rice.

About QQ Rice

QQ Rice is a food chain in Singapore that serves healthy food, which includes Rice Rolls, since 2010. Till date, they have close to 12 outlets located in different parts of Singapore (north, south, east, west & central).

About Oat Rice Bento Set

An Oat Rice Dory Fish meal like below is really affordable in price and low in calories (487 KCAL only). You can read up more about their nutrition values and other bento varieties here.

The bento set offers 2 side dishes for you to choose: I usually go for pea shoots aka. dou miao and japanese cucumber since they are my favorites & considered as superfoods with higher nutritional values. You may opt for broccoli or sweet corn if the two run out.

Selling Price: $6.80

Health Benefits of Oat Rice Bento Set

Below are 6 healthy superfoods I have discovered in this dish.

1) Oat Rice

A special chewy Japanese rice grains that are paired with nutritious oat, corns and green peas. It is higher in whole-grains yet lower in calories and comes in different flavors too.

Source: Oat Rice by QQ Rice

2) Japanese Cucumber :

Health benefits of Japanese Cucumber are even greater than green cucumber. Contains vitamin A, C, K & minerals pantothenic acid, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese, and fisetin (an anti-inflammatory flavonol which maintain brain health) and lignans (a polyphenol which lowers risk of breast, uterine, ovarian & prostate cancers). Best of all, lower in calories, cholesterol, sodium and saturated fats.

Source: Health Benefits of Japanese Cucumber

Image Credit: Timothy Takemoto’s Japanese Cucumbers album

3) Pea Shoot (aka Dou Miao) :

Considered the most green leafy vegetable that is highly nutritional and good sources of beta carotene, vitamin C and fiber. High in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which prevents cancer and promotes cardio-vascular health. Helps to keep our blood sugar level low which reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

Source: 6 Health Benefits of Pea Shoots

Image Credit: William Newton’s Lifefood Garden album

4) Red Cabbage (aka. Purple Cabbage) :

Rich in vitamin C & K, and contains anti-oxidants, antocyanins and phytonutrients. Boost immunity, fights inflammation (including arthritis), maintain bone health & promotes a healthy gut.

Source: Red Cabbage: The Disease-Fighting, Gut-Healing Superfood

Image Credit: Rick Health’s Red Cabbage album

5) Carrot :

A root vegetable that is riched in vitamin A, C, K, and B8, and minerals like pantothenic acid, folate, potassium, iron, copper, and manganese. Effectively reduces our body cholesterol and signs of premature aging, lower heart attack risk, prevent certain cancers, improves our vision.

Source: 10 Impressive Benefits Of Carrots

Image Credit: Scott 97006’s Bunches of Carrots album

Note: Over 80% of QQ Rice products are endorsed by Health Promotion Board.

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6 Simple Steps To Perform Deep Breathing Technique

Posted by on Apr 25, 2018 in Body Health

Deep breathing can done in sitting or lying down position, so long as you feel comfortable. Do not engage in any other activity so that you can feel focused doing it, and give yourself ample time, so that you do not have to rush into finishing it.

The correct way of deep breathing is through the motion of our diaphragm, not our chest. Most people believe that breathing is by expanding their chest, which is wrong.

Below diagram, clearly illustrate how it works.

[Image Credit: Remedial Class’s Deep Breathing album]

Here are 6 simple steps (with explanations) to show you on how to perform diaphragm breathing correctly and make it as part of your routine. It only takes a few minutes of your time for each exercise.

Step 1: Find a place you can sit or lie down in a comfortable position. It can be anywhere with little or no disturbance i.e. your bed or living room flooring.

Step 2: If you are sitting down, always remember to lie back against the back of your chair. Ensure that your shoulders, neck and head are well supported.

Step 3: Place one hand on your chest while another on your belly.

Step 4: Breathe in through your nose. Fill up your belly with air. As you breathe in, the hand on your belly should feel it rising.

  • Tip – This should be done without much effort. If you over-exert on this, you will stress yourself.

Step 5: Breathe out through your nose gently. As you breathe out, you should feel the hand on your belly lowering slowly, lower than the hand on your chest.

Step 6: Repeat the above with 3 full, deep breaths.

Note: The most important point is you should enjoy doing every single breath, not feeling stress or anxious. They have to be effortless too. Stop the exercise immediately if you are feeling discomfort or rapid heart palpitation and seek doctor’s consultation immediately.

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8 Top Benefits Of Deep Breathing

Posted by on Apr 24, 2018 in Body Health

Deep breathing is achieved through having deep & slow breathing, inhaling through our nose while exhaling through our mouth. It is often encouraged to inhale through our nose as we inhale better (30 percent more oxygen) as compared to the mouth.

[Image Credit: Lauren Rushing’s album]

There are many health benefits when we perform deep breathing (while we only list out 8 below), especially when we lead a hectic & highly stressful lifestyle, it will be more important to deep breathe every day. Deep breathing encourages:

  1. Muscle Relaxation & Pain Relief – Our body muscles tense up easily whenever we are stressed or anxious. Each deep breath sends a signal to our brain to relax our muscles thus relieve our body aches and pains.
  2. Natural “Feel-Good” Hormones – Whenever we are in pain or under stress, our body will regularly release such natural peptide chemicals (endorphins) to interact with receptors in our brain so that our mood can be improved and become more focused. Deep breathing encourages more productions of endorphins.
  3. Improved Blood Circulation & Oxygen Flow – When we breathe deeply and fill our lungs with air, the oxygen fills up every cell inside our body and every function in our body is boosted. You will observe better mental and physical performance.
  4. Better Blood Pressure Control – When our blood pressure rises, our blood vessels are narrowed. Remaining calm and relaxed keeps our blood pressure under control when the blood vessels are dilated.
  5. Effective Harmful Toxins Removal – When we inhale & exhale properly, our lymphatic system runs more efficiently and body toxins are removed more effectively.
  6. Better Sleep – Good relaxation techniques and breathing habits before sleep can alleviate stress and trigger relaxation response. It promotes better sleep and relieves insomnia when our body relaxes.
  7. Strengthening Of Abdominal & Intestinal Muscles – Particularly diaphragmatic or belly breathing helps to strengthen our diaphragm, the group of muscles that are responsible for the expansion and contraction within the abdominal cavity.
  8. Keeping Our Lungs Healthy – Our daily activities do not use our lungs to maximum capacity, approximately 50% only. When we empty and fill up our lungs completely each time, it helps to cleanse our lungs by counteracting the building up of toxins and tars caused by environmental pollutants.

In my next article, I will share with you some basic & simple deep breathing techniques to help you get started.

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Places In Singapore You Can Find Healthy & Affordable Superfoods – Part 1 : Tekka Food Centre Fish Soup

Posted by on Apr 21, 2018 in SuperFood Hunting Series

I started my superfood hunting in Singapore since Jan 2018 and gathered a list of food places i.e. food centres, food courts, shophouses etc. where you can find affordable superfoods (usually less than $10). If you are still unsure what exactly superfoods are, and their health benefits, you may refer to my previous post: 6 Types Of SuperFoods You Can Eat To Improve Your Overall Health & Maintain Your Weight.

In my Part 1 of my superfood hunting series, I would like to share this special fish soup stall in Tekka Food Centre, which is really healthy & affordable.

About Tekka Food Centre

First of foremost, I would like to introduce Tekka Food Centre. It is located in Little India in Singapore which is more popular for Indian foods like nasi biryani and Indian rojak.

About This Fish Soup

This special fish soup stall has been around for many years. Personally I am someone who loves fish soup a lot but this stall has a lot more to offer. Here’s a photo of what I usually order:

Selling Price:  $5.50 (Fish Soup $5, White Rice 50 cents)

Health Benefits of This Fish Soup

Below are 5 healthy superfoods I have discovered in this dish.

1) Garland Chrysanthemum Leaves (aka. Tang Oh in Asian countries) :

One of the green leafy vegetables that contains chlorogenic acid, carotene, flavonoids, vitamins and potassium and offers lots of health benefits like promoting weight loss, anti-oxidants protection, protection against cardiovascular problems and strokes, kidney stones, cellulite, bloating and bone loss. Most importantly, it reduces your risk of getting lung cancer.

Source: Garland Chrysanthemum Leaves: Nutrition and Health Benefits

Image Credit: Yamanaka Tamaki’s Shungiku album

2) Garlic – Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Manganese yet comes with very low calories. It helps in fighting colds or flu, improving blood pressure of hypertension condition, lowering bad cholesterol, prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia & more. One of its compound, Allicin, has potent medicinal properties.

Source: 11 Proven Health Benefits Of Garlic

Image Credit: JMacPherson’s Garlic album

3) Ginger (aka Ginger Root) – Helps with digestion and commonly used to treat gastric related problems like nausea, morning sickness, motion sickness, bloated stomach, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, loss of appetite etc. Other health benefits include reducing body or muscle pain, as well as inflammation.

Source: Ginger: Health Benefits and Dietary Tips

Image Credit: Eliot Phillips’s Ginger album

4) Coriander (aka. Yan Sui) – An ingredient add-on for the fish soup which you can find in some dishes in Singapore like chicken rice. It comes free hence you can ask the seller to give more if you want. Surprisingly comes with lots of health benefits too like lowering our blood sugar and blood pressure, easing stomach discomfort, relieving UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) symptoms etc.

Source: Control Blood Sugar, Cholesterol & Blood Pressure with Coriander Seeds

Image Credit: Jules’s Coriander album

5) Chilli – Cut chillies like what you can see in above photo, are easily available to go with most dishes in Singapore as we love to eat chilli. Chilli helps to combat or relieve common sinuses, muscle and joint pains as well as aid digestion. However, eat in moderation if your stomach cannot take the spiciness.

Source: Spice Up Your Health With Chilli

Image Credit: Ritesh Man Tamrakar’s Chilli album

Feel free to share more superfoods you can find in Singapore that are affordable, by dropping a comment below.

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