6 Effective Tips To Help You Build A Strong & Healthy Gut

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I came across a very interesting article recently – Newly Plant Based? How To Fix Stomach Bloating. You should have a good read. It elaborates on why some of us experience bloated during the initial stage of plant based diet & shares how we can overcome & improve on this condition. Here are 2 important questions we have asked ourselves prior to taking up such diet.

1) Why do we go plant based? For the sake of our health, or the sake of the animals? What if we fail; are we going to persist or simply give up?

2) Is plant-based diet worth the effort? Or we can simply go for low-carb diet to lose weight?

My Opinion: As I have always emphasize the benefits of plant based diet & superfoods, it is not surprising that I would prefer vegan over low-carb or fasting diet so as to build a stronger and healthier body by boosting my immunity through superfoods, which are usually plant based foods.

To prepare your body to take up such diet, lose your weight and maintain it for a long haul, it is, hence, essential for you to build a strong and healthy gut. To achieve this, here are some tips for you!

1) Go Organic

One of the tips to detox our body naturally is to go organic so that the foods you consume can be pesticide and herbicide free. Such pesticides can kill your gut bacteria.

2) Go Vegan Or Choose Your Meat

Eliminated or cutting down on meat & poultry will reduce the amount of antibiotics we consume from these animals fats. Alternatively, look out for “hormone free” or “antibiotic free” food labels when you do shopping. Antibiotics from animal fats can kill your gut bacteria too.

3) Avoid Food With Allergies

You should keep a journal of foods that your body are allergy to. Try to avoid them as much as possible.

4) Take High Dose Or Extra-Strength Probiotics Or Digestive Enzymes

To have a happy colony of good bacteria living in your gut, you need to take extra-strength probiotics. At the same time, you also need to feed your these probiotics with natural prebiotics like potatoes & bananas. Ideally, you should stick to at least 1-month course of probiotics.

Digestive enzymes help to break down your food further to prevent or reduce gas & bloating.

5) Take Smaller Frequent Meals If Possible

Here comes another great benefit of taking smaller frequent meals, apart from just boosting our metabolism: Yes, it helps to build a healthy gut when our gut bacteria can catch up with the new load slowly.

6) Chew Your Food Slowly

When you chew your food slowly & more, you are actually connecting to it more & at the same time, digesting it better. Try to chew your food at least 30 – 40 times to do it well. Our digestion starts first in our mouth when our food breaks down. So chew more.

Source: Newly Plant Based? How to fix stomach bloating

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