Top 6 Benefits Of Having A Plant Based Diet

Posted by on Feb 6, 2018 in Eating Right

What Is A Plant Based Diet?

The idea of plant based diet is to consume foods that mainly grow from the ground such as fruits & vegetables, nuts & seeds, whole grains, or even foods prepared with plant based ingredients like whole-grain bread. However, such diet doesn’t eliminate meat entirely.

Benefit 1: Prevent Chronic Diseases

Fruits & vegetables are usually high in fiber & potassium, low in fats & cholesterol, thus effectively known to prevent certain heart & inflammatory diseases. Whole-grain food can be a good substitute for high carb or sweet food, thus allowing you to control your blood sugar better.

Benefit 2: Higher In Nutrients

Plant based foods usually contain high amount of phytochemicals, thus optimizing the way your body system works. Example, some berries contain anthocyanins which helps to protect your vision, or the flavonoids in apples to prevent & control inflammation.

Benefit 3: Improve Your Health (Especially Your Heart)

Plant based diet is known to improve your body blood lipids by lowering your total and bad (LDL) cholesterol by 10 to 15 percent according to studies, thus lowering your chances to develop certain cardio-vascular diseases.

Benefit 4 : Boost Your Metabolism

As we age, our body metabolism decreases. Coupled with our modern high-fat diet like fast foods, and stress from work, our metabolism decreases even faster. A very effective way to boost metabolism is to increase your intake of vegetables as studies show a vegan diet can accelerate metabolism rate since it is generally lower in fat. Higher in metabolism enables you to control your weight better.

Benefit 5: Promote Better Skin

By increasing your vegan and lowering your animal fats’ intake, you are being kind to your skin because saturated fats are known to clog your pores & leave you a dull complexion. Vitamins & phytochemicals found in certain fruits & vegetables contribute to healthy skin. Example, tomatoes with lycopene can effectively protect your skin from sun damage.

Benefit 6: Help You Lose Weight

This is because vegan diets are usually lower in calories & higher in fiber, which makes you feel full most of the time. You can lose weight easier & achieve lower body mass index (BMI) than others who are not.

Additional Information:

Can you still take fish and lean meat? Yes, of course. But we recommend in modest amount.

Can you still eat processed white rice? Yes, you may but we recommend to cut the quantity by at least half of the amount you usually take in.

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