6 Ideas To Promote The Good Habit Of Standing In Our Daily Lifestyle

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Sedentary behavior has been a hot topic in the health industry lately as prolonged sitting has been found to be correlated to several health problems like poor mental health, diabetes, or even heart disease or cancers. Such behavior includes sitting in the workplace, during commuting, at home or during leisure time, and usually engages low levels of energy expenditures.

My previous articles shared that standing or walking around not only promote active lifestyle to help you lose and maintain your weight by burning more calories than normal, but also reduce your visceral fats. Visceral fats are unhealthy fats affecting our hormones negatively and increase our risks of numerous health problems like Type 2 diabetes or heart diseases etc too. Please take note.

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Today, we are going to look into how can we promote a good habit of standing or walking in our daily lifestyle.

In Our Workplace

1. Drink More Water, Frequent Toilet Breaks

Modern office culture causes office workers like us to be desk bound. To make us stand and walk more often is to have frequent toilet breaks. To achieve this, we have to drink more water and go for toilet break as soon as we feel the urge.

Toilet breaks not only encourage us to walk more in office, but also to give our brain some short breaks too.

2. Set Reminders To Stand

If drinking water alone cannot make you stand and walk more, you can try to set reminders on your watch or computer desktop, to remind you to stand up periodically. Some times, it is because we are too occupied with work thus easily neglected that we have sat down for too long.

3. Avoid Long Hour Business Meetings

Long hour business meetings usually involve long hour sitting when people meet together for discussions. Avoid them if you can. Otherwise, try to keep such meetings short, or organize frequent breaks as well if necessary.

Traveling Around

4. Take Lesser Public Transport

You will have the tendency to sit down when you take public transport as the seats are usually limited. If given a choice, try not to board the bus or train, but rather walk to your destination. If distance is too far, you can alight a few stations or stops before your destination and take a short walk too.

If you really have to board public transport, you may still choose to stand, even if given the chance to sit.

Having A Meal Outside

5. Stand To Eat

Some restaurants or food courts have already provided bar tables for people whom are interested to stand to eat. Eat while standing has been researched to aid digestion, according to research.

At Home

6. Avoid Being A Couch Potato

Home is a place we spend the least amount of time exercising. Most often than not, we could be sleeping on the bed or lying back watch a TV program. Although home should be a place to relax, we should try not to become a couch potato.


To promote the good habit of standing as part of our daily lifestyle, the whole idea here is to be creative. Try to think of different ways to engage you to become more active.

Feel free to leave me a comment if you have other suggestions.

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