10 Secrets To Weight Control After Weight Losing

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Reaching your ideal weight doesn’t mean the end of the story. You ought to learn how to maintain it for a long haul. For this, it is essential for you to know something called weight loss rebound.

What Is Weight Loss Rebound?

Weight loss rebound refers to a sudden weight gain as soon as a person stops dieting and carrying out physical activities, thus returning his weight to the level of initial weight loss, or even more. According to nutrition and weight-management experts, only as little as 20 percent of dieters lose their weight and maintain it well successful.

So what exactly makes it so hard to maintain our weight and what we can do to make weight maintenance a success.

10 Secrets To Weight Control After Weight Losing

1) Go For Long Term Dieting, Not Short Term

Long term dieting has been researched to prevent weight loss rebound quite effectively, as compared to short term. Short term dieting is usually unrealistic or hard to adapt for long, in our current modern eating lifestyle.

Example: If you are a labourer who requires a lot of energy for your daily work, it is nearly impossible for you to maintain a low carb diet for a long period.

2) Pay Attention To What You Are Eating

During weight losing, you will watch your food contents and count your calories. But usually once you reach your goal, you will tend to over-eat or pay lesser attention to what you are eating and how much you eat.

You ought to watch over what you are eating even after you have reached your goal.

3) Track Your Weight Regularly

So you think that you are done, and the weighing scale can go into the storeroom. But wait. Aren’t you going to weigh yourself every week even if you are not dieting?

If keeping a log of your numbers is a pain, then the new generation of weighing scale can help you to log every weighing activity into your smartphone or your computer.

4) Lead An Active Daily Lifestyle

Hitting the gym or going for your outdoor run shouldn’t be done when you feel like doing it. To achieve great success in maintaining a good weight, try to make exercising part of your routine, or lead an active lifestyle every day.

Example: If you used to take a walk in the park for 20 minutes after a meal, continue to do it if you can.

5) Make Your Work Out Interesting

Perhaps you are hitting the gym previously, just to build muscles or do some cardio workouts during weight losing. If you think you prefer to do sports with friends that make them more interesting for you for your life, you can consider making a switch instead.

6) Find Ways To Manage Your Stress

It is not surprise, till now, that stress can cause over-eating or snacking. Try to find ways to reduce or channel your stress away i.e. mediation, listening to your favourite songs, instead of indulging yourself with unhealthy foods and putting your weight back.

7) Eat The Right Snacks

If snacking has become a habit to you, perhaps you can reduce the intake or even switch to fatty snacks like peanuts or mixed nuts. Such healthy and nutritious snacks are usually filling and satisfying.

8) Sleep Early & Adequately

Sleeping early will decrease your chances of having late night suppers or over eating at night. As our activity levels are usually low, it is important not to over eat during the dark hours.

Not getting adequate sleep i.e. 8 hours a day, will result in the production of stress hormone cortisol in our body, which in turn, make us greed for fattening foods during the day time even more.

9) Always Start Your Meal With A Salad

Salads are high volume, low calorie and high in fiber foods. Eating salads before a dinner meal, will make you feel full during the meal, thus eat lesser.

10) Be Accountable For Your Weight

Make it a responsibility for yourself to account for your weight. Why it increases, when it increases and probably what you have possibly done for the increase? Accountability is the key to the success of weight control.


Weight control must become part of your lifestyle if you want to do it well, just like brushing your teeth or washing up yourself every day.


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