7 Simple Yet Effective Tips To Reduce Your Visceral Fats Naturally

Posted by on Mar 9, 2018 in Eating Right, Lose Weight

Visceral fats (内脏脂肪), as weird as the name suggests, are actually active fats that are stored around our abdominal area, particularly around our internal organs like pancreas, liver and intestines. Such area is also known as intra-abdominal fat. See below diagram.

Why should we get rid of our visceral fats? Well, such fats are dangerous because they affect our hormone functions negatively, and linked with numerous health problems including Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

As we age, it is quite natural for us to have a growing belly due to laziness to move & losing of muscles, but it may not be all visceral fats as there will also be some subcutaneous fats stored together. So how exactly can we know how much visceral fats is to use a digital weighing scale that measures visceral fat level? The ideal level should be less than 13. Any level from 13 and above is considered excessive. See below.

Another way to find out if you have too much visceral fat is to measure your waistline. For women, it is usually 35 inches or higher while men is 40 inches or higher.

So how exactly can we reduce our visceral fats naturally & effectively? Here I am going to share with you 7 simple tips to benefit you easily.

  1. Reduce amount of trans fatty food intake – Visceral fats contain high level of trans fatty acids, which link with the amount of trans fatty foods we have consumed. Check the trans fat content in your food before you eat. Go for trans fat free as much as possible. Trans fatty acids are linked with LDL cholesterol too.
  2. Cut down on your alcohol intake – You can still drink moderately but not heavily. Intensive drinking is bad & does affect your level.
  3. Reduce your stress level – When we stress, our body will produce a kind of catabolic hormone called Cortisol in response. Long-term production of such hormone will increase the distribution of body fat to our abdominal area.
  4. Stand, do not sit – Studies show that people with sedentary lifestyle, or spend too much time sitting, will easily grow or have highest level of visceral fats or total abdominal fats.
  5. Have a well-balanced diet – Adopt a high fibre, low sugar, and low fat diet & maintain a healthy weight is the key to healthy living. Proper diet is still crucial to reduce such fats.
  6. Exercise more & exercise right – Do more resistance training & if possible, coupled with high intensity interval training like aerobic to encourage distribution of body fats healthily.
  7. Sleep enough – Studies also show that by sleep enough, meaning more than 5 hours & less than 8 hours daily, can maintain a good level of visceral fats.

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