8 Useful Tips To Manage Your Progress & Do Your Best During Weight Losing

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Along your weight losing journey, you are bound to face rises and falls in your progress. There will be days you have to get busy with your work and family life and your exercise routine, will be affected. Your scale will suddenly stop working or play a prank on you, making you thinking your weight losing has reached a plateau, to demoralize your spirit. Your social friends could have suddenly dropped by your house, and given you a big treat of pizzas or lots of carbs, and disrupt your diet plan.

1) Gain Momentum When You See Positive Progress

If you see good progress on your scale, remember not to stay satisfied and stop or slow down on what you are doing. Gaining momentum will make you see better results.

2) Learn To Pick Yourself Up When Progress Is Slow Or Declining

People usually become disheartened and give up easily when they reach plateau or see their progress slowing down. Always learn to find out what exactly went wrong, correct your mistakes and pick up yourself. It is also important to stay motivated hence; you need to learn how to self-motivate yourself to move on.

3) Learn To Know “Not Every Day Is A Sunny Day”

Learn to face a fact – Not every day is a sunny day! You may not see a consistent declining trend in your weight. Sometimes you could have eaten a bit more if you are hungrier, sometimes you could have slacked a while longer if you are more tired. Your weight will behave according to what you do. Just learn to be realistic to face the truth when you don’t see what you like on your scale.

4) Be Consistent & Push Yourself Harder If You Can

Do not remain happy with your progress. If you can do better, why not push yourself slightly harder? Don’t feel slack and always make it a point to do better than yesterday.

5) Learn To Be Disciplined

It is imperative that one should be disciplined in whatever he does, especially keeping away from foods. Without discipline, you will most likely not achieve what you want. Discipline is the key to success.

6) Learn To Sacrifice

There is a saying “No sacrifice, no victory”. If you are always unwilling to let go (sacrifice) your food cravings, how can you win your battle against your body fats.

7) Don’t Be In Hurry To Reward Yourself With Foods

One of the common mistakes people make is to reward themselves hurriedly by giving themselves a heavy treat of unhealthy food, whenever they see little progress in losing weight. The journey of weight losing or maintenance is long. Each time you reward yourself along the way, you are behaving like stepping once backward, whenever you did it once forward.

There are many ways to reward yourself apart from indulging yourself with foods. You can pamper yourself to a good massage, a vacation or a nice movie you have always been wanted to watch. If you really love to eat, then do it in smaller amounts.

8) Avoid Occasions Or Social Gatherings

In life, you will come across many occasions or festive seasons that call for celebrations. Whenever there are celebrations or gatherings for newlywed, birthday or newborn etc. there are bounds to have a lot of foods. If you think you can’t resist these foods, you should avoid attending such gatherings at all costs.

I hope above 8 tips can make you successful in weight losing. Remember this “To Achieve What Others Cannot Achieve, You Have To Do What Others Cannot Do”!

Meanwhile, feel free to comment below if you have any question or suggestion.

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