Ask & Motivate Yourself Why You Want To Lose Weight

Posted by on May 15, 2018 in Lose Weight

Before I started my weight-losing journey on 9 Jan 2018, I sat down and gave some thoughts over what I am going to do and what I want to achieve.

This question kept popping up in my mind: “Why Do I Wanna Lose Weight?”

Initially I couldn’t answer it well.

I know I can’t just start jumping into it, without giving myself a satisfactory answer. Because I know, if I can’t be convinced, how can I motivate myself along the way?

The same goes to you, my friend. If the reasons are not strong enough for you to pull you through the hard journey, chances are, you will fail and regret why you never think through this serious question.

I have my own reasons to lose weight. Here are some to share.

1) To Improve My Medical Condition

If you read my story here, you will learn that I was shocked to find out my Total Cholesterol, LDL (bad) Cholesterol and Cholesterol/HDL Ratio were all borderline high, during a medical health check-up on 29 July 2017.

Doctor warned me that if I were not going to take medication to control my condition, I would have to make changes to my lifestyle and diet to improve it.

This is what encouraged me to do what I am doing now…. to lose weight effectively, for my sake and the sake of my family.

2) To Fit In My Current Office Pants

Hard to believe that after many years of uncontrolled eating, my waistline has been expanding tremendously. It was last measured at 36.1 inches, which makes all my office pants unwearable. Squeezing my tummy into these pants were unbearable.

3) To Feel Light, Not Heavy

My initial weight was 70.9 kg when I first started. During that day, I felt heavy literally in everything I do. I felt heavy lifting up my hands, my leg or even my body. I even couldn’t perform well for my physical activities too i.e. pull-up.

4) To Boost My Body Immunity

Each time a colleague in my office falls sick i.e. running nose or coughing, he will bound to spread it to me. Consequently, I will spread it to my family members at home, especially my children. This is bad… somehow; my children were implicated. I hoped I could put a stop to this.


5) Not To Feel Fatigue, But More Energetic

Don’t know why previously I felt tired all the time. I woke up in the morning feeling sluggish and apathetic in whatever I do. I know it is only when I improve my health and physical fitness, I can expect some changes.

6) Give Myself A New Image

Everybody loves to look good from outside. A heavy, clumsy image has been following me for many years and I have always been hoping to give this image a revamp. Time to look different from the outside.

Taking all the above into considerations, it will only make better sense if I work on weight losing and improve on my health at the same time.

As for you who are reading this, you ought to find all the good reasons to justify for yourself, why you are willing to put in so many months of effort to go into this!

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