Beginning Of My 12-Weeks Weight Loss Challenge – My Strategies

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9 Jan 2018 marks the beginning of my weight loss challenge. The challenge is targeted to end by 12 weeks and to lose 8 kg off my weight and 1.6 inches off my waist. Here are some tips for you to prepare for such challenge.


  • Lose weight naturally. No pills, no surgery, just belief.
  • Lower body bad cholesterol, yet maintaining normal total cholesterol.
  • Give myself a new image.

Below are my full stats (beginning of challenge):

  • Age: 42
  • Initial Height: 170.4 cm
  • Initial Weight: 70.9 kg
  • BMI: 24.6
  • Waistline: 36.2 inches
  • Initial LDL Cholesterol: 3.82 mmol/L (borderline level)
  • Initial Visceral Fats (harmful fats): 12

What I hope to achieve after challenge:

  • Target Weight: 62.9 kg
  • Target BMI: 21 – 22
  • Target Waistline: 34.5 inches
  • Target LDL Cholesterol: less than 3.4 mmol/L (normal level)
  • Target Visceral Fats: 8 or less

Overall Strategy:

  • To adopt the 75-25 formula (75 represents 75% effort on diet, 25 represents 25% effort on physical exercise)

Diet Strategy:

  • To start with plant-based diet, 70% veg for every meal (known to lower cholesterol and boost metabolism)
  • To eat more high in fiber foods (fiber is known to aid digestion and make me feel full, yet low in calories)
  • To eat lesser oily fried foods (fried foods especially those fried with low grade oil, are usually high in trans fat & cholesterol)
  • To cut down on high carb foods (high carb foods are usually sugary & starchy). To start by eating half a bowl of rice, instead of a full bowl. To reduce to 1/4 bowl for dinner.

Exercise Strategy:

  • To exercise 3 times a week. Run 2-3 km each time.
  • To work on my abs every day. Every abs exercise to target different abs muscles i.e. upper abs, side abs & lower abs.
  • To perform stretching on my muscles every time when I am free.
  • To work on incidental activities whenever I go or come back from work.


  • To hydrate myself well on exercise day as body will be dehydrated every each run.
  • To achieve 8 hours of sleep every day instead of my usual 8 hours to let my muscles rest well.

What I Need:

  • A good working weighing scale to track my weight and know my progress every day.
  • An iPhone app to track every run i.e. amount of distance run, calories burnt. Example: Nike+ Run Club.
  • An iPhone app to encourage & motivate me during my run.
  • A good weight loss book to inspire and keep me going.

Here I go… feel free to shoot me any question below if you have.

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