How Much Calories Should You Burn Every Day?

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We have many readers sending me queries to ask the amount of calories they should burn every day. Here is my answer to this question with what I have personally experienced and researched.

How Much Calories Should I Burn Every Day?

It depends on your weight loss goals. Meaning to say, how fast you wish to see your results. It varies as different people have different aims. Some like to lose 10 kg in just a few weeks, while some like to go slow i.e. a few kg within 10 weeks.

When it comes to weight losing, we always emphasize on calorie deficit. Calorie deficit is the negative number we achieve, when we compare the amount of calories we eat, versus the amount we burn. Example: If we eat 1,500 calories & burn 2,000 calories, we have achieved a deficit of 500. This would involve maintaining a diet journal & doing calorie counting every day. See below.

*Tip – I recommend boosting of our body metabolism to burn calories efficiently. Read here to find out how.

Does Burning More Calories Mean Losing Weight Effectively?

The answer is No. You can see people exercising heavily but still seeing no results. You need to lower your daily calorie intake. To achieve this, you need to obey 2 simple rules: eat the right food and eat moderately or lesser than usual. If you are still eating the same like before, you cannot possible see much weight changes.

In summary, always remember to manage your daily calorie deficit, not your daily calories burnt.

In general, the rule of thumb is, with an approximate calorie deficitĀ 300 – 400 per day, you should start to see results in a few weeks time. If you wish to see results fast, a deficit of 600 – 800 will be ideal though not recommended. *Visit a doctor to assess your body condition prior to this this.

Disclaimer (30 April 2018): My website contents are written for your reference only. They do not represent any health, fitness nor medical advice. You should visit a health or fitness specialist or medical doctor for professional help.

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