How To Perform Proper Body Conditioning Before Any Weight Loss Challenge

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Body conditioning has always been neglected by weight losing people. They usually get excited after reading a few calories burning articles online, and jump straight into a weight loss challenge, without having a clear understanding of his health and body, and preparing his body to face a heavy challenge ahead. Some resulted in investing more (in terms of time and money), while some face even worse consequences.

Here are what you should do to condition your body properly prior to such challenge:

Detect Early Or Existing Health Disease

As the first step, you are always encouraged to go for a complete health check-up & consult a doctor, before you embark any weight loss program. This allows you to assess your health properly and uncover any early or underlying health disease you might be unaware of i.e. irregular heartbeat, or body infection.

Certain health diseases can potentially lead to unexplained weight loss, which may result in making you losing more weight than desired.

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Determine & Test Your Fitness Level

A proper fitness assessment beforehand allows you to understand your body strength, stamina and endurance levels. Once determined, you can work out a simple training program as a kick-starter before the actual regime, to observe how well you can cope or perform, and if you should increase the intensity or period.

Tip: If you are engaging a fitness instructor to plan out a fitness or weight training program for you, this assessment will come in handy.

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Know & Track Your Body Statistics

Gather your initial body stats like height, weight, BMI, body fat percentage, bone mass, muscle mass etc. for a start. This allows you to track the progress of your weight losing and body health over time. Any changes with these stats along the way, allow you to make quick alterations to your diet or exercise programs. Example, if you are losing muscle mass while losing weight, you can step into the gym to do some strength training.

Understand & Monitor Your Vital Health

You can gather some initial statistics for your body & health to track the progress later i.e. average resting and exercise heart rate, heart rate recovery time etc. You can understand your vital health better with these statistics over time.

Learn To Avoid Your Food Cravings

This might sound weird to some, but knowing your tolerance or resistant level towards food craving, can help you to control your diet better. Since young, we have been trained to have this emotional connection with foods. Our parents had given us the best foods to eat and we are always happily enjoying them every day. It can be quite challenging for us to resist them after so many years.

During body conditioning, you probably have to write down the list of food cravings you usually have and start to have a feel of what happen when you slowly avoid these cravings. Strike off the items one by one off the list and see how well you are coping over time.

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Summary: The whole idea of body conditioning is to learn about your body and allow you to make small changes slowly over time.  

Please feel free to give me any suggestion to improve on this topic by commenting below. Thanks.

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